You Can Take Drivers Education Online

You can take Drivers Education online. Hallelujah! That is news worth celebrating, both for teens and for parents.

In the olden days, you took drivers ed as a high school elective class. It was an expensive course to run, so when education budgets got tight, drivers ed was one of the first classes schools dropped.

You still needed to take drivers ed to get a driver’s license before you turned 18. Your insurance was prohibitively expensive if you didn’t take drivers ed, too. So parents and teens bit the bullet and paid private companies to teach young people how to drive. Which meant Mom and Dad had to get you to and from class and driving practice. It cost a pretty penny, too.

And then the courts ruled that online drivers education classes are just fine and ordered various states to accept them as legitimate drivers ed training. No more driving to and from classes several times a week. And they cost less than half as much.

Finding Drivers Education Online

There are a number of vendors who offer drivers education online. Here are a few things to watch for to make sure you get the best course for you and your kid (or parent):

* Make sure the course is approved by your state. Different states have different driving laws, and you don’t want to waste your money on the wrong course.

* Make sure the course gives you a certificate of completion that the DMV will accept.

* Make sure the course is for teen Traffic Safety Education. Some online drivers education classes teach defensive driving or commercial driving. Once again, make sure you are getting the right class.

You might want to see how interactive the course is, too. Is it just information with questions and answers? Or do you get visuals that help you prepare to get behind the wheel? Are there scenarios where you have to problem-solve and figure out what to do? Interactive learning is much more fun, and you learn a lot more.

Some of the vendors who offer drivers education online let you have a free trial lesson, so you can see how it works, and if it is what you are looking for. You’ll find that you can find a drivers ed class online and that it will do a really good job of preparing you for your drivers license exam, and for real world driving.

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